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A book that I usually read through once a year is a book by Craig Groeschel called IT.

In this book he asks 7 great questions that every team should wrestle through.

Here they are…

1. Vision Alignment – Do you have it?  If you find yourself pulling in different directions all the time, you probably don’t. Many churches have a vision written out but don’t follow it.  Do you have a God given vision?  If so, do you clearly point people toward and remind them frequently of the vision.  As Andy Stanley says – vision leaks, so always keep it at the front of all you do.

2. Divine Focus – If you have one, what is it?  Are you willing to abandon things that are causing you to stray from your focus?  What are we doing that we need to stop doing?  Many have a “to do” list but not many have a “not doing” list.  When was the last time you made a list?

3. Unmistakable Camaraderie – Do you love the people you work with?  Do you truly have fun together working together and hanging out with each others families?  When was the last time you had fun with the families you work with outside of work?

4.  Innovative Mindset – How often do you get outside of your little bubble to truly be creative and innovative?  It’s so much easier to replicate it than innovate it.  Which of those do you find yourself doing more often?

5. Have A Very High Pain Tolerance – With new levels often come new devils.  Do you have the willingness to endure and face criticism with grace?  Worship Him through it all.  When you are at work, work hard!   Through the pain there is gain in the end.  If we aren’t willing to do it or have our family be a part if it, should you be asking others to commit to it?

6. Willingness To Fail – Sometimes failure is necessary to succeed.  It may hurt from time to time, but when you fail do you learn from it?  What are we afraid to do that we haven’t tried yet?  If you haven’t failed at something lately you are probably playing it fairly safe.

7. Have A Kingdom Mindset – In the midst of the business how can we bless others daily?  Is the ministry we are a part of bigger than just us?  Are we keeping what first excited us at the forefront of all we do?  What am I sacrificing that will bless others along the way?

Take time to question and rethink where you are as a team.  If you don’t there is a good chance you will be in the same place you are now next year.

If you have books or questions you go through as a team, I would love for you to post them here as comments.

7 questions…

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Recently at the Exponential Conference Francis Chan shared 7 questions to pray through before you speak next time.

1. Am I worried about what others think when I teach?
2. Do I genuinely love the people I’m about to speak to?
3. Am I accurately representing the passage am about to teach?
4. Am I depending on the Holy Spirit or myself to carry this message?
5. Have I applied this passage to my life?
6. Will this message draw attention to me and how clever I am or to God?
7. Do the people really need to hear this message?

Easter Services

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Join us at one of our 3 campuses this Easter.

From the incredible funny and creative guys at – Community Christian

Angry Birds

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So many of you have played the game agree birds at some point on your phone, ipad or computer.

But angry birds the movie?

Are you series?

Have we taken this a little too far?


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From time to time I come across a book that totally rocks my world.  Recently I read – Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt and the book did just that.  It’s causing me to rethink the purpose of church and the way we live our life.

Check out the promo for this book…


You can pick up a copy of the book for under $10.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback once you’ve read it.

Desert Song

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Today Desert Song by Hillsong was part of our worship.

I love these words from the song –

“All of my life, in every season,

You are still God, I have a reason to sing. I have a reason to worship.”

So whatever you may be wresting with our through may you find hope in Him.

Church Planting 101

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This was passed on from a good friend of mine!


Your Influence…

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The word we say and the things we do are often reflected in the ones we influence the most – our kids!

The Big Red Tractor

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Francis Chan’s thought on the condition of the church…